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Indian Hausa Movie 2023 Latest Film – ZARAFI

Overview Some Scene's in Your Favorite New Indian Hausa 2023

Some Film Scenes

From exiting at the Laulaya station, you will pass by the one that will allow you to exit and welcome or take the left hand to the area of ​​their field.

On the right side of the road, there are two gas stations and the driver came to the first gas station and stopped to fill up his tank. They were lucky that there were only three cars in front of them, except for the five drivers.

After the driver stopped the car, Aseeya said, Ameer Malam, I’m sorry, I want to go out in the wind. Kamar didn’t know what she said, he took a moment before moving.

Scene 02 Episode (Indian Hausa 2023) Then she was walking around the oil house, she was very impressed by the shape of the building and the woman didn’t even care about the many people who were there but she was struggling to take a picture. Ameer does nothing but click on the phone, when he leaves this page and enters this one, he does his research.

After filling them with fuel, they returned to the car and the driver started the journey. In the back seat, Abdul Samad and Saddam were gossiping and talking about Aseeya.

Scene 03 Episode (Indian Hausa 2023) Fate, from the beginning of their journey, after she finished praying like them, opened the Bible and continued to read. As soon as they arrived, welcome to here Ameer started talking and said that surely change has started even though we poor people are not patient enough. Why did you say that? Aseeya said just as she was turning to face him.

Last time Ameer continued, “Welcome, once you put your hands in front of the army and the police, you will not pass until you give something of 20 or 50 naira, if you do, you will face humiliation.” but feel now that they have all caught the right job or this is a continuation.

Scene 04 Episode (Indian Hausa 2023) That’s what the old man in the back said, at the same time he was trying to adjust his seat because they were tight in the back. Once you pass the baraka and come to the town of Sabongari, you will come across it which is all the same on the right side of the street, but on the left side the town is more crowded and on the right side there is only a school and few houses. The people of the town are skilled in farming and fishing because they are close to water. The road at the edge of the town is full of people doing their various businesses.

All right, they reached the junction of Kalgo town, it’s a junction where if you go straight you will reach Basaura, then Jega if you go to the right you can end up going to Bunza and then to Kamba. They entered the right bank as they were going to Kamba.

Scene 05 Episode (Indian Hausa 2023) It is interesting how the street is decorated with different shops and businesses on the left if you pass by the town market which is open every Thursday. The driver drove his car and they went deeper into the desert until they reached the place where the permanent site of the federal university city was built.


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