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At the same time, Umar was shocked in his body and quickly went to the bathroom and sat in the water next to Abubakar and he raised his head and placed it on his lap and he could hardly say Yaya.

There was no sign of movement with Abubakar Umar and he started shaking him calling his name, however Abubakar did not move. Umar was scared because he felt as if his heart was going to beat. He began to shed some hot tears and slowly said, Yaya Abubakar, wake up, the marriage is done

He was silent and his thoughts were completely locked and he didn’t know what to do to help his brother. He quickly got up and started trying to lift him out of the water but it was too heavy for him because his whole body was still there. he didn’t have to get up and go out and close the room with a lock.

Anyone who saw him with his clothes soaked in blood in front of his new shirt and sewing machine asked him if he was okay. No one answered and went to Mom’s room.

Today is the Release of this New Updated Indian Hausa 2023

Season One Episode 01 He was standing and saw her in front of the mirror wearing a chain. Before he spoke, she turned around quickly because she saw him in the mirror. She showed the front of his shirt and came to stand in front of him. Umar, what happened? Tired of going to town to fix the bathroom? Instead of just talking, he hugged her and cried his heart out.

All the boxes of Asmau’s belongings have been put together in one place, she opened it and took out another Atampa to put on Aina’u and ran into the room and she was panting.

Season One Episode 02 The marriage has been arranged. From today this room will be mine alone, she said as much as she could and was happy. When she finished saying what brought her, she ran away again.

Walida started running and beating Asmau, including those who were singing for her, took a shirt, took a hat, took a pair of trousers.

All strangers like her body had to be cold and she couldn’t follow them like she used to. She heard her heart pounding so hard that it scared her and she started to cry. Their mind started to rise. Walida hugged her instead of saying sorry, she started crying. Another daughter of their father’s brother, Asmau, said, “Hey, Walida, don’t say sorry.” Follow her. Today is a happy day. Don’t you do it? Get up and be happy and thank God for showing you this day. Asmau kept her body cool, put on her clothes, put on her hijab, and prayed.

Season 1 episode 03 In front of Mama, she fell and pushed Umar away from her body. She started trying to lift his shirt to see if it hurt to bleed so much

Is Yaya Abubakar’s mother’s blood heard? Abubakar who she confirmed is with his friends now they are preparing to go to the reception where they will go. Where did you find Abubakar? Umar said he was in the toilet and fainted.

Mom didn’t wait for him to speak again and left the room quickly, following her behind. The women in the house kept asking what was going on. Seeing that they did not stop and did not answer, they followed them.

At the door of Umar’s room, they stopped and he put the lock to open the door. Abdulhalim came in and he was fighting with Abubakar. He left people shouting at him until Dad told him that Umar didn’t pay attention to him. He opened the door and Mama pushed him and ran inside. Where he left him lying, they found him again.

Season One Episode 04 Abdulhalim came to him quickly and asked Umar what happened. With the help of Umar, they put him on the bed and lifted his long pants from his body. Mama fell on his head while shaking him and crying.

The women at the door of the room also started crying. Immediately, his sisters were called. Abdulhalim called a friend of his who is a doctor who came to the wedding and asked him to come to their house as soon as possible. did not find it. Only when Abdulhalim was really able to wear it, they left.

In a few minutes, the doctor arrived. He was surprised to see the groom bleeding and started to wet the bed sheet. Umar explained to him the situation he found him in. Abdulhalim said let’s put him in the car and go to the hospital. I don’t want people to see us. I will try to bring my car. after that, he was taken out when he finished talking and left.

Season One Episode 05 Kabiru looked at Abubakar’s head where he burst and touched his chest with his broom. He raised his head in a daze. Mama looked at him with red eyes and said, “Is he full?”

The way she guarded him with her eyes was not enough for him to lie to her. He bowed down and examined him again and said in a weak voice, “Mom, we have to be patient.

When she fell on Abubakar’s body and Suwaiba was unconscious, they were crying and lifted her up. Kabiru started trying to help her. Everyone in the room was crying loudly. he came in and found Kabiru pressing Mama’s chest. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes with difficulty.


She stood up crying and went back to the bed where Abubakar was covered by the sheet. God bless you Abubakar. I forgive you this world and the hereafter. God made death a rest for you. It is answered and the cry is increasing.

Season One Episode 06 Abdulhalim was crying all the time and grabbed Kabiru’s hand and they left. When they came out, he started to see the heads of his friends and those of Abubakar. They came to his place and asked him where the bridegroom was. He could not say anything except the tears he was shedding. Kabiru was able to answer them and inform them of the current situation. The whole courtyard was confused with prayer. An indescribable uproar was raised with him. Abubakar died at the time of his marriage.

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The men came and they did it in a short time, the news reached Alh Adamu who was on his way to enter the house with his friends. Shocked, he entered and went to Umar’s room where Yalwa and their other children were. They saw him and Nasiba hugged him and cried. Everyone who is in the house sympathizes with the tension they are going through. Alh Adamun himself had a hard time with the men and with the help of the elders, his friends made all the women go out so that Abubakar could be bathed when they came down from the Friday prayer and he would be taken.

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