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Indian Movie 2023 Release Today Fassarar Hausa – Neman Yanci

New Dubbed Indian Hausa 2023 by Sultan Film Factory

Overview the Movie

The sound that you can’t distinguish from that of an animal, or that of a strong wind, he continues to face them, no matter how brave a person is, he must calm down, especially when the wind makes a person more nervous.

They were in circles where their hearts were beating three by three, and their eyes were away from those who were given hair and taken away, even though they were sitting but they felt as if their legs were not in their bodies. They didn’t, they were looking at each other in shock, then Fate started to lower her eyes and read some verses from their book, from slowly until she began to do it loudly. Cen then saw what happened, and from his exit, Fate turned to run, and she tripped over a piece of ice that had been set on fire and fell. When they stopped, she screamed.

SCENE 01 As for Ameer, as if there was nothing to fear around them, he went ahead and confronted the creature, it was Aseeya who was on the ground after being softened by the fall they had made, and she scared him of the owl so that she could see what he was planning to do, in her mind she was that the writers are really crazy, he is not afraid of this monster to harm him.

Ameer had to go close to the creature, and he gave me the opportunity to look at the creature’s features: it is a very tall creature, it will be taller than three Chabe (pole), it has no face at all but you can see its red eyes from a white veil when he was around her head, the body of the creature was strong, but she was wrapped in white cloth, without legs, if she wanted to walk, she used her whole body to walk, carrying three hands, with which she was safe fire because it burns a person, if it touches you, it will leave nothing but (skeleton).

SCENE 02 He was about to get close to her, and she threw fire at him from her hands, and he gasped in the heat of the flesh, and fell to the side. Seeing this, the Drivers stood up and started running, but because their minds were not in their bodies, they again They fell against each other, one climbed on top of the other and this one climbed on top of the other, until they hurt their heads.

Seeing this, the creature raised her hands, and something appeared like lightning from the sky, and she pointed it at them, and the lightning struck Saddam in the heart, and he fell without even kicking.

SCENE 04 Ameer, on the other hand, went further inside the creature and struck one of the trees that they used to light the fire, it was supposed to hurt the body, but then he felt the ice and he did not touch it. herself, he began to read the verses of the Qur’an, while he was reading she was crying pitifully, but he refused to listen until the hlittar fell and burned completely.

They quickly went to Saddam’s body, Abdulsamad was crying, they barely managed to convince him, he was patient, they did the right things to the body at that time, they made a hole and covered the body. All of them drank the blood of their bodies and the signs they saw of the first breaking of dawn, of the patches that began to appear in the sky, they understood that it was the time for the morning prayer, they prayed after they had prayed, and they continued to search for way out in this desert, all of them are terrified.

SCENE 04 The heat of the day was hot, there was hunger, there was thirst, this day they didn’t even get alms, and Aeeya has not put anything in her mouth since they entered the desert, and even worse, no one has splashed water on his body.

They were walking for a long time after finishing the Azahar prayer, and suddenly they came across a big river, and they were very happy, because the river was very big, the women went around where no one would see them and washed their bodies dry, they went back into the water and played and waited for their clothes to dry, the men also did the same on their part, after putting on their clothes, they all gathered on the river bank and began to discuss.

SCENE 05 Some people suggested that they should stay there or whatever, there is drinking water and there are fish that they can catch and eat, they should spend some time walking around or God will make them suitable to find a way out, and they kept their advice on that. , they went into the desert to find wood and leaves, and they set up two rooms, despite being challenged by Aseeya, they were patient with each other and built the rooms, the women had one, and the men had one.



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