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Before the day of Lahdin was over, I felt that I was tired of staying at home. I’m already used to the noise of the hostel, it’s a noise full of fun whether it’s between roommates, classmates, or friends. I’m already used to the lack of silence there, every time I have the opportunity to go out, I will just wear hijab and go out, unlike Yaya’s house. At the door of the house, you ask for permission like a married woman, and the noise comes from her shouting and gossiping, so I feel like a prisoner.

On Wednesday, when Dad sent me the registration fee, I felt like I was flying in the sky for joy. Dungurungum, I refused to go to class and went to the bank to pay school fees. I took her to Shika’s teaching hospital. After she looked at the files and so on, she assured me that I would come on Friday and they would give me the room because they checked the one that was incomplete. I thanked her and said goodbye. home.

The next day, Thursday being a public holiday, we didn’t wake up early, we were trying to resolve the fatigue we had suffered during this week because our lectures are starting to get hot now.

That afternoon, Janan went out to accompany a friend who was there in the neighborhood. I am sitting in the living room, Haleemo, Raheemah and Adi are also sitting and watching, that is what they usually do. While I was playing with my phone. There is no one among us who speaks except those who are talking to each other. That’s the only thing that bothers me. I hate sitting next to people we don’t talk to, what’s the point of sitting outside if you don’t talk?


We all started to say hello from outside, we all looked at the door waiting to come in, none of them tried to get up. I stood up and went out, I opened the door and met Ummah standing. I jumped and fell on her body, she gave her little smile full of pride and put her hand on my back and rubbed it.

I was very happy to see her, and she responded with a big smile on her face. She said “Na’ilah, is that your eye?”.

I put my head down in shame, I forgot about the time I went to Kaduna, but we were only greeting each other on the phone, we have been on the phone for two days now, I said “Ummah, please forgive me, you know there are a lot of school issues by the way”.

She said “there is no one here, you just say that your relationship is too small!”.

I started shaking my head at her quickly, “God really, Umma…”, then I remembered that we were standing at the door of the living room. I quickly moved to the side of the hall saying, “Ummah come in please”.

She came inside and took off her shoes, her white legs that were really red with passion appeared. We were about to pass, Janan fell down the hall. She saw the one in front of her standing still, “My Ummah?”. Then she jumped and hugged her, I moved to the side and looked at them with admiration.

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She grabbed her hand and started pulling like a little girl, and I followed them. There was no one in the living room and we found him as if I had left people watching. And the television is working. All of us had to wait for a while, then Janan guided Ummah to her room. Ummah said “I am not going to stay, I am going back to Kaduna now, the driver is waiting for me outside”.

She said, “but you have to stop and drink some water or not? Then greet the people of the house”.

Ummah said “are they here? I heard the house is quiet”.

She said, “Where are they going? Now that they are looking in the living room, maybe they are tired of sitting and went back to the room”. Ummah looked for the one rubber chair in the room and sat on it, Janan quickly went out to get her water. I sat on the side of the mattress, Ummah was asking me about my studies and the rainy season was starting to come in, I said okay.

Soon, Janan came back to the room with a glass of cold water in her hand, Ummah was drinking half of it and she stood up, and we all stood up.

You have to wait 30 seconds.

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Janan was speaking and grabbed her hand and held it, “Now, my Ummah, instead of waiting for the evening to come and then go?

Umma laughed and hugged her body, that’s Janan, I know if you hear that I came to Zaria, I’m not looking here, you will never let me get well, that’s why I’m here now.

She kept telling me that I know that you don’t like me anymore, that’s why!

Ummah and I both laughed, she said now if I stop loving you, who will I love Janan? She didn’t answer so you didn’t send any more data.

We stopped at the door of Raheemah’s room and Janan pushed the door, but it was locked. She raised her hand and knocked, but there was still silence, there was no sign of people moving. If there is not one exit door in the house, wherever you go, you have to go through the main door of the living room. But what about them sitting in the living room, from opening the door for her to come in until they disappear like people walking on air? Does that mean they deliberately hid it?

Ummah looked at us with her big smile, but you can see the worry and discomfort in her eyes. She said if they are sleeping, don’t wake them up. .

Janan raised her mouth to speak and I quickly shook her head to show that she should not say anything. Hardly if she didn’t shoot the plane, Janan held her mouth shut and we put Ummah in the middle and left.


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