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Matashi – Indian Hausa Movie 2023 – Dub by Sultan Film Factory


We are bringing you the new translation of the Indian Hausa movie 2023. This is one of the best Sultan translations of this week. It is a good film program.

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Storyline in this Indian Hausa Movie Some years ago, a friend invited me to his house. I never knew the reason why he invited me. But he assured me that he would like to show me something and also have a brief discussion with me.

He was an auto spare parts dealer who was doing so well for himself.

When it comes to jokes, he can crack jokes so well and knows how to make fun of so many things.This my friend was living in a three bedroom bungalow. Well furnished with many facilities that could make a house comfortable. When I got to his house, he took me to one of his empty room and said to me;

“My girl friend is coming to visit me next week. When she comes, I will bring her to this room. I will pretend as if this is where I live. I will tell her that I am sharing this flat with someone else. I will make her feel that this is my own portion of the flat. The other rooms belong to my neighbor and am managing this one room. I gazed at him.

There was no television, no radio, no air conditioner, no fan, nor any other appliances in the room. Only small foam on the floor with clothe hanger.

“Why do you intend to do it that way?” I asked. He looked at me with a smiling face.

“I know you very well. You like to play pranks over many things.” I said. You know she is coming for the first time to visit me. I don’t want to give her the impression that i am doing so well as a bachelor. If she discovers am the one that owns this three bedroom flat and living alone, she may see me as a rich guy. She may accept to marry me because of my money. I want to pretend to be poor. Let me see her perspective about it. I want to feel her reaction.”

“Hmmmmmm” I exclaimed.

“Yes nah. I want to test her. I want her to feel am nobody when I’m somebody. If she accepts to marry me under this condition, I will know she is the right person for me. But if she refuses, I will know she is not the right person for me.” he said

“But if she eventually discovers that you occupy the entire apartment, don’t you think she will regard you as a liar.” I asked

“At the end, I will be the one to first open up to her before she discovers I own this place. I will tell her that I was merely testing her to know her kind of person. Ok. Let’s see how it goes” I said I wished him best of luck. One week later, his babe arrived.

He first told the lady that he was an auto mechanic. He never revealed the fact that he deals on auto spare parts business.

The lady told him that as long as he has something doing that could put food on his table, with more efforts, the sky will be his starting. In thi Indian Movie 2023 He then took her to the one room he set aside as his room.

When the lady got there, she began to arrange the room for him. She swept and cleaned the room and made everywhere lively. She encouraged my friend not to feel depressed by his humble beginning. Assuring him that God is not yet done with him. She told him that many big men started that way before they got their breakthrough. And as long as he has a place he could lay his head, the future is going to be bright for him.

My friend was so elated with this lady’s actions and encouragements.They are happily married with 3 kids.

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