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RAMUWA Fassarar Algaita dub studio – Indian Hausa Film 2023

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At SBRS we met Janan. Meeting like at the registration, from the question to the signing, then we heard that we are all in the same room, so we joined. It was Janan who was married to her sister who gave her the way to go there, at that time he was also the DG of the school. But being the kind of people or should I say my parents who didn’t let her stay at home and rest, she did everything about the registration herself.

Being in the same room made our relationship stronger. Her sister, Anty Sa’a lives here in the school with her husband and their children, although they have a house in Zaria, but she has never been there to spend the night, something that Anty Sa’a and her husband said would cause She keeps slacking on her studies.

We were friends with their family, and even one day their brother Bilal came to excuse us and took us to his home in Kaduna when he and Anty Ameerah were married. Their relatives are very respectable, generous and kind people, our blood is closely related to them. This is my first meeting with Yaya Bilal.

We finished the school with good results, but no one will bother Ahmadu Bello University. Since we have done Remedial Studies, if God helps you to get the desired results, you will be given a place to study at Ahmadu Bello University, second grade level, then God has not determined that we will get it. But we wrote jamb again, and we got good results both in jamb and post-utme. By the power of God, they all gave us the course we wanted, which is nursing.

Then we returned home and started preparing for the trip. It was only when we stopped that the Kulsum ceremony was held. The fact that the person she is going to marry insists that he needs to marry them, so they were married, on the condition that she will apply for a place to study here in Umyuk, and he will marry her, he said that he agreed.

After the ceremony, we went to register. I went home and slept for a week, then I went to school.

We entered the third grade and met Umar, he accompanied his sister to the registration. He did the NDA in Kaduna, he got it and finished it, he started posting it and that’s when we met. God help him, he has a way, that’s why they left him here in Zaria and didn’t throw him far away.

Without wasting time, we started dating him. In all my life, this is the first time I stopped and made love with a man, I never gave myself this chance.

When I was at home, I started to hang out with others. However, I don’t know why, all the words I wanted to hear came out of their mouths, but I denied it. This is the reason why the conversation does not go far, it is interrupted. Finally, I realized that I don’t believe in love. Whenever I hear someone mention true love, I will tell you that it does not exist except in novels and movies. Janan used to say that it’s because I haven’t found someone to fall in love with, or because I’m afraid of commitment. No matter who it is, I don’t care.

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Umar himself, when I started trusting him, it was not love, it was more like admiration or friendship. At that time I was in a desperate situation, you know the kind of times when you feel you need someone around you, after friends and family of course, then I found everything that is needed in a man. with economy, care and simplicity. These are free-spirited people, wherever you sit with him, God willing, you will feel him enter your soul. It’s just that the young man is not lost now with her, which also had to be far away from meeting him and I started reading about it, but I know that it’s time, he will stop, since I’m really trying to see that every time He tried to talk nonsense to me and I stopped him. That is why many times we have to fight with him suddenly, later he will come back and prepare.

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After this and later on I felt very comfortable with him, unlike other guys I met before. I feel him like Janan, how I will sit down and chat with her, there is no secret, I will also sit down and chat with him. So even if I don’t like him, I think this alone will be enough for our married life, right? Since we understand each other very well, I even love him. Even though the talk of me marrying him makes something unsettling in me. Although he still hasn’t started talking about our marriage, I think maybe after we finish studying, and I’m totally fine with that.


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