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Indian Hausa New Translation of Sultan Greetings and prayers, We are praying that God will answer our prayers and fasting, God will repeat it for us, God will bless us with his mercy.

 Indian Hausa Translation by Algaita Dubstudio and we also Provided by  Sultan Film Factory, We Are Bringing You “Happy Sallah 2023” This is a free movie for those who want new translation of Indian Hausa 2023 movies.

 There is a great offer of movies for everyone who joins our VIP Indian Hausa special program during this week-long celebration.

 The Only Indian Hausa 2023 Directed you the Systemic process To Get The Right Indian Hausa that allow you to Watch, Wherever You are Living Around The World, Even any Country you are This Our Systemic process is the only way to enjoy watching.

 We promise you that our work of translation of Indian Hausa movies is here. We are always waiting for you. This is the beautiful new interpretation of Sultan and it is the best greetings and prayers. Also in Canada, the right to ask for any movie that you want to translate Algaita or Sultan or other professional translation companies.

 The beautiful translation of the Sultan of Happy Sallah Let’s prioritize and enjoy Sambadede, Masga, Chaskalewa, Love, Fun, Learning, and all their activities are included in this movie.

Movie Description 

Huddy’s father did not hesitate to say that something scary happened to her, while Gadangaa was sitting there listening to the radio or playing with his wife. When he saw that he was a drunk, a man with a rag, he took a beating on his head, and the father quickly dropped the bottle in his hand after he came out of the toilet and ran to look at her at the gate, saying that he was impatient. it’s a bathroom.

But you should put aside all your excuses and let go of those who put you down. Do you want me to open the gate for myself He didn’t do anything because he knew Huddy’s behavior was so patient that he continued to give, she got out of the car as if she was going to run over him and her toes were in front of them. He shook his head and turned to his side wondering how Huddy and her mother would behave. Because of the greatness of people, their father did not treat women and children properly.

 Scene In Episode 2 He called the techno call and at least he saw that it was fifteen minutes past one o’clock, the haram ablution was done and he went to present the call to prayer as he used to do every day. When he answered his phone, Manga came and said goodbye, she went near him and gave him a bowl of food and said.

He said inno, she said to bring us food he smiled and adjusted his seat and said I’m very grateful, Manga, may God bless you, thank you very much, inno

My honor, from this look, I know there is something to say, tell me what it is? She smiled at him and said.

Scene in episode 3 Hey Gadanga Dad, he won’t let me go to school anymore, and I don’t know if I should finish secondary school, but now I’m in ss 2, if he’s patient, he’ll give me one year and months left, right? he smiled and said.

 It doesn’t matter, Inno, I will talk to him, God willing, will you go back? She smiled at him and then she ran to see a little girl in the house, he shook his head and opened the bowl and saw that there was a bowl of rice, soup and butter.

He knelt in front of his majesty and greeted him, after he calmed down and the king dismissed his courtiers, he looked at Ali and said calmly

We promise to be more in this movie.

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