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Unknown Attacked Secondary School Students Kachia Local Government Kaduna State

The Kaduna Security Authorities have confirmed the abduction of 10 students from Jeka and Back Secondary School in Kachia Saidai, it is not yet known whether some gunmen attacked the Nigerian students.

The Security Commissioner, Samuel Aruwa, said that the first information they have received is the students in Kachia Local Government, BBC NHAUSA News has brought this report through the Shadow Forum.

They are still investigating where they kidnapped the students, is it in the school?  Kokuma School Hours?  The 10 students were protected and it was added that the students were abducted by gunmen

Samuel Aruwa said that if the government completes the investigation, it will provide full information.

Kaduna State is one of the states that suffer from security problems, especially the frequent killing of people for ransom.  /2023 The Government has decided to establish a 24-day curfew in the neighborhoods of Sabon Garin Nasarawa of Chikun Local Government in Chikun State due to the conflict between Sarawak and Sarawak which resulted in the death of two people. Security Problems in the North

 Why is the attack back in the community now?

Dr.  Kabir Adam?  A Commentator on the Future of Security in Nigeria Responds Like This: They Have Succeeded in Reducing the Attacks But They Have Not Solved It Completely, This Is Why, and It Is More Appropriate for the Nigerian Government to Hold Elections and Say It Will Be Able to Address Security by Gathering Information and Assessing Them  Helping the Security Officers to Suppress All Terrorist Groups and Kidnappers and All Uprisings in the State.

But this will not happen unless the Federal Government fully cooperates with the State Governments that are dealing with these attacks here in Northern Nigeria, especially in the villages where the attacks of Akowani Lungu are being carried out in Nigeria.

We advise you to always be concerned about getting quality international news directly, without interruption, without concealing the real truth. ng the real truth.



A mouse, looking through a hole in the wall, sees the farmer and his wife open a package. He was terrified to see that it was a mousetrap. He ran to the patio to warn everyone.

News: There is a trap at home Kachia

The chicken that was cackling and digging says: “excuse me, Mr. Mouse, I understand that it is a big problem for you, but it does not hurt me at all.”

So, the rodent went to the lamb and he says the same thing: “Excuse me Mr. Mouse, but I don’t think I can do more than ask for you in my prayers Nigerian News.

The mouse went to the cow and she said: “But am I in danger? I think not!” said the cow. The mouse returned to the house, worried and dejected to face the farmer’s mousetrap. News That night a great noise was heard like that of the mousetrap catching its victim, the woman ran to see what she had caught.

In the dark she did not see that the mousetrap caught the tail of a poisonous snake.

The speedy snake bit the woman, the farmer immediately took her to the hospital, she came back with a high fever.

In Kaduna The farmer to comfort her prepared a nutritious soup, grabbed the knife and went to find the main ingredient: the chicken; Since the woman did not get better, friends and neighbors went to visit them, the farmer killed the lamb to feed them, the woman did not get better and died. And in the end, the husband sold the cow to the slaughterhouse in Nigeria to cover the funeral expenses.

The next time someone tells you about their problem and you think that it doesn’t affect you because it’s not yours and you don’t pay attention to it, think twice, “he who doesn’t live to serve, doesn’t serve to live”.

The world is not going badly because of the wickedness of the bad, but because of the apathy of the good. So when someone needs you for their problems, give them your hand or give them a word of encouragement Nigeria

May you never lack empathy! Remember it very well, EMPATHY.

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