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This is Not Ridiculous But everyone is running their own race in time.

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Don’t envy!

  • Someone graduated at the age of 22, but waited 5 years before securing a good job.
  • Someone became a CEO at 25, and died at 50.
  • While another became a CEO at 50, and lived to 90 years.
  • Someone is still single, while someone from his school group has become grandfather.
  • Obama retired at 55 & Trump started at 70.
  • Everyone in this world works based on their time zone.

People around you might seem ahead of you & some might seem to be behind you. But everyone is running their own race, in their own time. Do not envy them. They are in their time zone, and you are in yours.

  • So, relax.
  • You’re not late.
  • You’re not early.
  • You are very much on time.



Comments from Followers

  • Pastor Samuel Ogbonna Agada Once you kill envy and maintain your own line..u will get to your destination faster than you think…envy kills…it makes you worry when you’re supposed to sleep and a great message..don’t envy.
  • Chioma Kingsley Hmmm well said thank you for this I learned a lot.
  • Doctorpreneur Very true Sir! But Life is not turn by turn! You have a active role to play if you really want to shine! Don’t take things for granted, some things don’t happen by chance, but by plan and active work.
  • Gai Jackson This music I’m pursuing. I promise to sing what everyone can relate before and when i get there. Your early follow would do a lot.
  • Dr Juventius Arthur It’s the desperation that kills. Each man needs to give his best shot and be patient with the results.
  •  Sly Tola Koncepts Indeed. The mind is the one playing the tricks by worrying unnecessarily.
  • Ushang Emmanuel “Everybody has their own time” is one of the lies we were old while growing up. It’s not about waiting for your own time, if you fail to take actions you will wait till you die poor.
  • Golden Boy Thank you so much for this word of encouragement. You really made me believe that time is not ahead of me  cos before now I have been thinking that time is no longer by my side, I needed to achieve everything before 30 now I can relax my mind. Indeed you are really a genius. Thank you so much, Keep inspiring people, Keep encouraging people.
  • Amaguitark TheeBand Dear Reader  I just wanna remind you that Every family has that 1 person who breaks the circle of financially struggles for the entire family If you are reading this, may you be the person. I wish to be followed by you it could mean a lot .thank you in advance.
  • Prophet/Evang Adeyemo Ministries Thy Lord will arise and silence every power attacking your blessing and you will be a blessing to your generation.
  • Ferdy Ekeson Always remember to Add “Copied” incase of next time Mr Success.
  • Terry Doyle I can mostly relate to this regards age has little significance when I look at very poor physicall people 10 or many years younger, if you’ve never had it you never ever will simple, the grave yard has many different numbers on it’s headstones. Biological age is what matters !
  • Capable Lorshe Great post of the generation, I learned a lot from this, God bless you.
  • Jessico Karmenyea Wow you have made my day i love the topic don’t Envy. because you don’t know what God has for you.
  • Kolawole Ishmael Root of Human Envy Unlike selfishness and greed, envy is less a response to predetermined outcomes. Envy is not really a trait. It is a spontaneously and dynamically relational disposition. It is not the feeling that is evinced because of the lack of mutual bond, thus does not recede through attraction. Although inharmonious fraternal bond and pactbond ignite repulsive relations and also the feeling of envy, the fundamental sources of envy are inharmonious Bondy-Particle and Time.

Possessions And Time Effects

Bondy-Particles are human acquired properties that are harmonious or inharmonious.   These act as connectors and attraction-breakers.  When a bondy-particle breaks an attraction, it attenuates all bonds, therefore allowing envy.  If there is no mutual, fraternal nor Pactbond between persons and the particle between these persons is a bondy-particle breaker or attributive bondy-particle breaker, the level of envy is highly intense. Bondy-Particle can also be use as a connector.  It can be used to attenuate repulsion or ‘hate’ and to maintain a seemingly cordial relationship through preference-bonding, which is a process whereby a person ‘intentionally’ or unconsciously possess a specific property in order to constantly attract someone.

Time Oscillation is also a major cause of envy.  Although, a choice that is made by a picker may not be an observer’s preference nor crave and the choice may be cyclically congruent with the picker and the picker and the observer may have harmonious relationship in relation to attractions and time, if time doesn’t simultaneously align the observer with the picker’s preference in relation to the picker, the observer is inclined to showing involuntary sign of envy until time couples the observer to the choice and its picker.

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