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New Indian Hausa Sultan (Synopsis)

After the test was done and I was brought back, the doctor confirmed to the judge that I have mental illness and my brain was affected which caused me to have a serious headache.

The judge looked very carefully and was satisfied with the explanation. The judge finished his examination and sentenced me to be in a mental institution in prison for two years, and told the people in the court that if I finish the two years, there will be no one else. the rest of the sentence against me, the court released me. Straight from the court (Prison) Yasmeen was passed to me crying. I’m here.

Even in prison, I don’t have anything to do, I cry and think about my family, I lose my heart and shout, I call the name of Mama, Ramlat, Jaafar, and Umar. anxiety, depression and anxiety.

I completely went out of my mind. Then I was in all kinds of situations about the treasure of life and I found myself in it.

, I have a beard and a beard, I don’t talk at all when you talk to me, you don’t even look at me, I don’t even talk to you, so sometimes I shut myself up in the night and shout and call Senator Sambo’s name. You hurt me and oppressed me and my family, I have to love more than anything, and you made me weak, strong, and weak, and the beauty of the country.

The same thing will happen to the gsky palace with my life? Will wanting freedom cause my world to deteriorate and disrupt my life? Why.? Why do you hate me?

Then he burst out with an intense cry that was intense and heart-wrenching


In the power of God, Abdul came out safe and sound and he recovered well. Nothing is bothering him, except the extreme sadness and worry and the fire of revenge that is burning in his heart every second, even when Abdul came out he did not explain his coming to the world. he hid himself, he had nothing to do but to find out where to find Senator Sambo.

In the middle of a wild law, Abdul made a search and left the ground. From joining the people, his goal was not to see the life of the senator and his son improve. in this crazy forest he continued his life alone. He prepared in the night, he went in without anyone recognizing him, he went to their neighborhood, he stopped at the door of their house. In his eyes, Ramlat was crying while calling his name. His mother’s voice was heard by Abdullahi.

Abdul was lying down while rolling on the ground crying as if his soul was going to die, he was shouting loudly and screaming like a madman because it was midnight so no one saw him or recognized him. , he slowly came out with a touch light in his hand, until he came to Abdul but he didn’t come to his head. The fact that Abdul had changed his appearance and was cursing, the old man did not recognize Abdul until the old man spoke a lot and then Abdul heard him and regained his senses, he stood up and did not speak to the old man, he went on his way, the old man followed him and looked at him.

Abdul was very involved in the investigation of Senator Sambo and Haidar until God gave him the power to find out everything and where he could find them easily without any difficulty. Haidar came out in the evening alone in a car

Farinciki caught Abdul because there was no security and there was no one but Abdul let him go to a public place and threw a lemon at him which he already bit a nail and made Haidar’s car stop. check

This is what Haidar said while tying his head on the steering wheel of the car in frustration. Abdul quickly got out of his car, opened the car, grabbed his neck and covered his mouth, and went into the jungle with him.

Abdul is very strong and Haidar is all drunk and sucks him so Haidar takes him and Haidar has to walk a long way with him and he reaches his hut in the middle of the forest where he lives inside the hut. He threw his sword and attacked Haidar as if he was going to kill him because Abdul’s heart was completely dry and there was no fear, no fear, no fear.

While he was beating Senator Sambo, he called Haidar’s phone which was in his pocket, Abdul pulled out the phone and looked at the phone screen and saw Dad’s name. Don’t go out again, your stepfather, I’m not stopping you from going out alone without escorts, but we have enemies and you are always beaten, anything can happen to you.

Abdul gave a kind of crazy laugh and stomped his one leg and said, “You are a donkey, kill yourself, you are not honest, and you have enemies, especially me, I know that I hate you more than anyone and your attitude in the world, you do not have a single enemy.” pass me, just like I have no one, so I will make you have no one, in the world now I will send you the body of your only son, so you can start to taste what I feel.

Senator Sambo was very scared and his mind was at the peak of fear. When he looked at the window, he almost fell in a trembling voice and said, Abdul, are you?

When did you come out and I don’t know?

I’m sorry, dear God, don’t kill my only son. I’ll tell you everything. Please, take care of Haidar. Abdul laughed and said, “You killed the snake and you forgot to cut off its head. Sambo is sick and he is scared. In tears, Abdul looked at Haidar and said, What did we do to you? If I have committed a crime against you, my relatives have killed me, you should kill them, they are not guilty of anything in Amman, kill me

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In fear, Haidar was talking, by God, I don’t know anything about it. Abdul looked at him and said, “I will not kill you, but I will continue to hold you here until your father brings his head to me.” Abdul didn’t look at him, he got up and tied him tightly to a big tree and went out. He went directly to the market and bought a pot, a bucket, a pan, and all the other things he needed for the house. He gave it to him while he was being looked at, slowly, yesterday, mmmmm! There was a kind of terrible fall in front of him when he saw Yasmeen standing and staring at him without even blinking.

Her eyes were full of balls, her eyes were also dusty and he could not remove himself from her in a trembling voice, the words in the bottom of his throat said Abdul, then he came to his senses, he took his head away from her and looked at her face and said Before his shopping, in front of him, she returned to her eyes with tears and said, Abdul, what did I do to you?

After all the weeks of the world, I went to prison but you didn’t come out, I never broke, and since I was going there you never came out, then last month I went to the week I used to go and was told that you are looking for you again like a madman in the city looking at her Abdul He said Mr. Who are you talking nonsense to me? Yasmeen opened her mouth and looked at him. She cried and said that if the whole world will not recognize you, I will recognize you. I will not forget you here, he left the soup after he sent him away and sent Yasmeen to follow after she was crying for him.

Wherever he went, she followed him and cried until he finished his shopping and he turned to look at her and said, “I don’t know you, and I don’t know the Abdul you are referring to. My name is Hamza.” My heartbeat increased even before I raised my eyes to look at you, Abdul, even my eyes will lie to me, I know my heart will not lie to me, Abdul, how hard is it for me to drink alcohol for you 5 times, I am putting oil on the wedding day and I am resisting. My parents were against you until I left our house and my family’s parents against you, but today you will see me and clear me. You say you don’t know the whole world, I am the most deserving of happiness, we are together as well as sad, have compassion and don’t avoid me because of the fault of others, I can’t live without you.

God is the king of love, shedding tears, he said, “Go home, I will come and find you.

He didn’t do anything with her but she was walking, so Yasa had to go to his hut at the edge of the river, he didn’t have to worry about the water, it was a river, he was so impressed by Yasmeen, before nightfall, Abdul connected Yasmeen to a hut, and she she started trying to cook for them.

They live in a very pleasant place, until now Haidar has become familiar with him, Abdul’s son has stopped tying him and he has never attempted to marry, a very strong new relationship has entered between Abdul and Haidar Yasmeen, now Haidar is the one who prepares Abdul for everything. how they will develop the matter, because at first Haidar did not know what was done to Abdul, until Abdul told him, Haidar cried a lot and sympathized with Abdul and promised him that he would help him take revenge.

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Today, Abdul woke up in the morning with the madness of death while he was fighting and fighting. Then he was crying to Yasmeen who now she and Haidar are calming him down until he returns to normal and almost day by day the madness does not come back to him.

When he was in this situation, he was shocked and confused until he became worried and violent.

He cried and she cried coldly, she came to him and hugged him in her arms, crying and comforting him. Yayi shr was just relaxing and looking at her. He wakes up to her again and his compassion is following every part of her body and she also looks at him to see the silence and the look of violence that he sends to her. He also looked into her eyes with her compassion for him because she dedicated her life to him. He knows that there is nothing she can’t do for him and she can do anything for her love for him. That’s why every day the world feels her love again. The girls took it like this, they were sucking each other’s mouths. Finally, he hugged me tightly and held his hand while letting out his breath.

He pulled it from his chest and Mike stood up and went to his house.

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