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National Assembly Must Not Approve to Use Force 

Overview Members of our Nation Assembly must know that the use of force against Niger Republic in a bid to restore democratic government by Nigeria is a declaration of war.

We should ask, do we have the resources to prosecute that war? What is its worth to us as a Nation?

We must all realize that the Western world is just trying to set us up to use us as a distraction to Russia.

When the Military struck in Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, why were we not called to restore democratic governance in those countries? Was their democracies different from that of Niger?

It would be curious to everyone if we have the capabilities to restore a democratic government in another land but we cannot organize a credible election!

Barr Sunday Joshua Wugira 

May God not let us mock ourselves before the world of sane people.

Nigerians should find a solution to their problems that is broadly in every Segment of the Nation but we must not use a penny to SUBSIDIZE democracy for them when we cannot subsidize fuel for ourselves!


  • Josiah Eneanya Tanz for adding your voice of reasoning and consideration before they embark on endless journey of futility as a nation.
  • Daniel Gabriel That’s just the truth.
  • This is what you gain when clueless leaders occupy a very sensitive administrative office.
  • Babalola Sola Well spoken sir,a man who house is on fire,is busy chasing rat.
  • Victor Dogo What can you get from a rotten head to a sensitive issue such as this – we must learn very fast to this syndicate.
  • IorDookaan Jnr How I wish this write up reach to concern persons in our nation.

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