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That was the only sound I heard when I dialed Janan’s phone number. She didn’t pick it up right away, it had to ring five times.

Before she thought that my patience was over, because of that she was raising, I didn’t let her say hello, I was with her; “Wow, teacher, why did you stop and stop people, She said “jeez girl, follow us carefully. I’m waiting for Anty Raheemah to come back before I go

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I pulled a thin line, just come out and leave the house for her like that. Isn’t the guard here? Janan sighed, do you know what happened the last time I did this? She said that she was robbed of money and jewelries, and Yaya Bilal must pay her back and settle down, I don’t want something like that to happen again. I’m sorry if you don’t come in ten minutes, right? But let’s just meet there! I didn’t wait for her to say anything more, I turned off the phone and put it next to me.

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Browsing I continued to do with my system, I had to do about fifteen minutes before I turned it off and put it in its place. Janan pressed the call again, she said, “Look here, please, the king, I’m sorry!”. I touched her lips without worrying about what she said, I said “better. When you arrive, just call me and we’ll meet at the main entrance” she said yes.

My bed was made a bit before she arrived. By the time Janan called me, I was exhausted. I took a scarf and wrapped it around my chest and back, I took my mobile phone, purse and flat shoes, the color of my veil and the flower print on the long dress I wore, and I put it on my leg. Aylah, I said goodbye to my roommate and left.

At the entrance of the Queen Amina hostel in the ABU Zaria campus, I stopped and watched in search of Janan. I was trying to call her on the phone and I saw her there where the cars are parked next to the hostel, she was raising her hand to me, I smiled and was happy to see her, I walked slowly and crossed to where she was. In the middle of the meeting, we hugged each other. In the whole world, she is the only one who feels like a blood sister to me, as I know she is the same in her side.

I looked at the iNext that I saw coming out of it and I raised my eyebrows at her, “Hey Almu, he just bought a new car, right?”. She shook her head and smiled, “Where is Almu who has the wealth to buy this kind of thing? How is Bilal”. I opened my eyes in surprise, “Holy Wow!! When will I be able to see Yaya Bilal? I even forgot by the way. Today is the day God intended for us to meet!”.

She laughs and her dimples show, that’s what impresses me about her personality. She said “very much. God is the reason why I didn’t get a vehicle early. He told me to let him take me since he was also at the FCE. Let’s go, we are getting late”. I followed her to the car.

Janan opened the front of the house, and I opened the back and we entered at the same time, my mouth full of greetings. The strong smell of citrus freshener and strawberry mix hits my nose combined with the cold air of the AC heating the car. We are in the middle of May, so we are not suffering from the heat in the town of Zaria.


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I quietly greeted Yaya Bilal, he turned around and answered and turned around and started the car and we left the place. There is nothing I can say about him except that he is wearing faded jeans and a T-shirt with a zebra print on his body, and the sunglasses he wears cover his eyes.

He was driving slowly, the soft call of Sheikh Malam Minshawee was rising in surat al-Kahf, I leaned my head on the car seat and closed my eyes. While on the other side, he and Janan were talking to each other. When we arrived at Kongo school, where we were going, at the gate he asked to park outside. Then he went to the parking lot, because the place was full of people and vehicles. We thanked him and left, he pulled the car and left, and we approached the school gate.

The day of the great Sheikh teacher, Dr. Bilal Philips’ is going to preach. Therefore, you can only imagine how the place will be full of people because it is for women too. Even though we arrived about forty minutes before the sermon started, we could hardly find a place to sit down.

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On the women who will enter paradise, he preached that day. Before he finished, the body of every woman there was cold because of the way he kept thinking about the things we women do, we think it is nothing, either to each other or to our husbands and parents, while these things can lead us to hell. At twelve o’clock in the afternoon, the sermon was finished, due to the lack of vehicles that were made that day, we were not able to go back to the school until about half past one.

We stayed in my room, Janan prayed the azuhr prayer, before she finished praying, I finished cooking jollop spaghetti for us. After we finished eating, we went to bed, I played the movie Pick the Stars, a Korean movie, and we were watching. No sooner had we started watching, I fell asleep.

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