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Unknown attackers stole golden cars and killed soldiers in Arlit Region Niger Africa

In the Republic of Niger, the soldiers of the five countries have died and some of them have been admitted to the hospital in a cattle camp, and some unknown people attacked them.

They attacked the convoy of gold miners on their way to Arlit Niger Africa, reports say that after the attack, they attacked some vehicles carrying gold in the convoy.

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Some people with bad weapons attacked the convoy of gold mining vehicles that the army was protecting, the vehicles were going from Cibarakatan to Arlit, the incident happened yesterday morning, Sunday 09/4/2023.

The attackers attacked the military vehicles that were carrying the gold and immediately killed the two soldiers and injured five others and the attackers attacked the vehicles that were supposed to be carrying the gold.

Mr. Sani, the President of Arlit, confirmed the occurrence of this incident, saying, “This is Ashsha’s incident, they have caused damage by invading and attacking the army.”

President Muhammad Bazoum continues to obey the order of the shield to monitor the outside of the collection of vehicles all in order to provide complete security and prevent such incidents in the future.

They welcomed the Chief of Army Staff of the Niger State, Bakadianta, to come there to recruit women, he said, but he said he would not say what kind of plan they are planning to do.

Screenshots From the News Video

There are problems that can arise if this problem is not solved, it will affect many people in Libya, Agadez.


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