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Film on - Let's Prioritize our Health - Ben With Doctor Sam | Being Smoker is Badly to Your Health - learn life

Indian Movie (BEN THE SMOKER)

Ben was a 29-year-old man who lived close to Sam, a medical doctor. Doctor Sam knew Ben to be a heavy smoker who could light up 25 or more cigarettes per day. Concerned about the young man’s health, doctor Sam had attempted several times to motivate him to quit smoking, but he never gave him a chance. One day, the doctor paid him a visit. And he said to him.

“It will be hard for you not to smoke because cigarettes are very addictive, but I know you can do it. Listen Ben, I care about your health, and I want you to live a long, healthy life”

Surprisingly, Ben roared with laughter. Then, he whistled. “Oh doctor. my grandfather smoked all his life and lived to 103 years. But our neighbour who recently passed away at the age of 26, didn’t even smoke for once in his life. So, doctor, everyone dies at their appointed time, whether you’re a smoker or not”

For a moment, doctor Sam was quiet. And then he said. “No matter how you see it Ben, smoking is very bad for your health. Don’t let anyone or anything convince you that it’s okay to smoke. You’re always better off if you quit smoking; it’s never too late. I want us to have a discussion. I want to help you out.

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But Ben shook his head in disagreement and murmured. “I don’t see it that way doctor. Life is short and we should enjoy it to the fullest. Who I am and how I choose to live my life is none of your business. So please, can you stop trying to convince me?”

Ben remained adamant, leaving Doctor Sam with no other option but to leave his house. However, he never stopped worrying about Ben’s health.

Three months later, Ben fell seriously ill and lost some weight. When Doctor Sam knew about it, he admitted him to his hospital and ran some tests on him. But his diagnosis was very shocking to Ben.

“I’m sorry.. You’ve got end-stage lung cancer” doctor Sam said to him. Ben was completely devastated. Then with a heavy heart, he burst into tears.

“I’m I going to die, doctor?” he asked. At that point, doctor Sam had to let it out.

Ben, I’m afraid you have only two months to live” Ben’s face suddenly went blank and pale. He began to mumble to himself. I’m just a young man, a young man with dreams. I can’t afford to die now”

Doctor Sam placed a hand on Ben’s shoulder and whispered.

“I’m sorry it’s come to this, but be rest assured that I’m going to support you through the last months of your life”

Ben felt like his world had crumbled around him. His heart filled with regret, guilt and disgust. He kept wishing that he could get a second chance to live. And with each day that passed, his guilt weighed more heavily on him.

Some weeks later, doctor Sam visited Ben in the hospital. He saw that Ben had soaked his bed and pillow with tears. He said to him.

“Ben, how do you feel knowing that you could die tomorrow?” Ben spoke in very low tones. “I feel so terrible that I didn’t prioritize my health”

Doctor Sam then asked. “If you get another chance to live, would you still smoke?”

Ben exclaimed. “Never!”

Doctor Sam paused for a moment. Suddenly, he placed a hand on Ben’s shoulder and smiled at him. What he said next was a great shock.

“Your wish for a second chance to live has been given to you. You know what, Ben… you don’t actually have cancer. You only had a fever. I made everything up so I could teach you an important life lesson, a lesson that we never learn until we go through our own journey”

Ben’s mouth dropped open in shock. When doctor Sam saw how astonished Ben was, he continued.

“Look, life is the most precious thing we own in the world. It is our health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver. If we allow unhealthy living get the best of us, we may find our life slipping off our hands. And you know, if we lose it, we don’t get it back. It’s like a precious bird, it will fly away and never come back. We should know our worth, our value and do away with unhealthy habits.

It’s our life and we should take the authority and responsibilities…You have closed the door to the past and opened the door to the future. Don’t worry, I’m going to support you through your new journey of life”

LESSON: Let’s prioritize our health


  • Machar Chol Chidal Machar So notable & worth appreciating! Thank you.
  • Braxwell Mwenya Wow nice one .   Last week I  tried to convince one man to stop drinking beer I failed. I just prayed to  God  to speak to him in his special way and make him realize that our bodies are the God’s temples that  must be  kept holy.
  • Odungkara Morris May Almighty God bless you for the greatest inspiration.
  • Matlou Phala Eish this thing of smoking but at least the end was good.
  • Emeka MarkAnthony Okoh One of the vissititudes of life to be conscious of, Living a healthy life.
  •  Castillo Jane Manilingan Wow. wake up change smoker out there, our body is a timple of christ.
  • Lou Estos C. Ortega Great story and valuable lesson. Thank you so much Sir. Emmanuel Philip Tumba for awesome, inspiring and encouraging message. I am blessed. God bless with your whole family and Ministry, in Jesus Christ name Sending
  • Cegani Mpinge It touch my soul because I am the one of smokers.
  • Tabitha Obadara Health it’s a Life insurance.
  • Zeny Formigones I love this story very much. Thanks for sharing.
  • Santiliasanta Chilesantiago Teachable lesson we should listen to the advice we are given before things get bad thanks.
  • Matthew Mt Wonderful story.
  • Coster Symon Am inspired that is great.
  • Erenu Peter Lingao Very interesting & meaningful.

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