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Indian Hausa movie Episode 01

Don’t worry about his words if you don’t take care of her and she has a lot of youth on her, one thing I will tell you is to avoid hitting her, her parents will not be happy, I am training you to respect the poor, with this attitude alone you will be accepted in our kingdom, and The city of my heart smiled until her conscience appeared.

I will keep it, He opened the car and took a piece of paper and handed it to her, she put both hands to take it and then he said

There is a phone with a new sim in it, I am the only one, no matter when you are holding the phone, I don’t know how many MSD calls I have received, I don’t know how to see call waiting and I am the only one who told me the other stuff and I am sorry for the day, I apologize. stop, let’s say hello to you” her charm widened and she said

 Scenes 01

Ali, I thank God for his greatness and glory, for the protection of the creator of health wherever you are, for God’s blessings in our union, thank you very much. He knows he will come with a plan. Santa did not come with a plan to hate her, but he paid close attention to the love she gave him. Her beauty impressed him. So they said goodbye and he turned and left.

He was silent after he heard Baba Manga’s explanation, he certainly couldn’t tell Baba Manga about marrying Manga, as well as he couldn’t say between knowing and not knowing which one is the best, only one thing he knows is that he doesn’t know the role of the girl, and the father of the noise. With him, when a man marries a woman, what is the secret of marriage? He could hardly gather his composure and said It’s okay Baba Manga, I’m very grateful for your generosity, but I’m asking for a favor for me, because there’s a specific place where I’ll put her, I’ll put her hair and we’ll dress her, etc.

Scene 03

There is nothing wrong, God has hidden the future for us, he has taught us what is necessary, the only promise we have is that you will marry me after my life, if you do not have enough peace of mind, I am interested in you because I care about everything you notice about her, then she will be with you. , see if you will calm her down, God willing, it felt like a stone was tied to him, the burden was too much for him, I am coming with the greatness of the promise, the word of trust and the determination of the father, the burden of speaking in the language that made him silent.

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Mr. Gadanga, shut up, I hope you don’t think that I want you to do it? Gadanga smiled and felt very shy as if he had just learned to speak like that

It’s not like that Baba Manga, I promised Inshaa Allah I will marry Manga even after your heart is happy, he was very blessed and they entered the mosque to offer the prayer.

He is not planning to get married now, he doesn’t want to get married, he just sees the time of his marriage. , as long as I know a lot of things, he said to me that this is a question of self-reliance without conflict.

Indian Hausa 2023 Movie

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