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She handed me one of the sheets in her hand and I peeked inside the sheet. It’s perfume, biscuits and chocolates as well as earrings and nice shoes. Umman Su Janan looks at me like she looks at Janan. Her daughter is the most dear to her. Whatever she does for Janan, she includes me. Whether I am here or not, whether I am aware of it or not, she will give me her hand or give it to me. That’s why I respect my wife, not because of the good things she does to me because she treats me like her own daughter. standing right on her feet while putting me on the road even though we didn’t even sweat a drop of sweat with her Even if that is the only thing that has stopped, she has finished everything for me.

No matter what she does to Janan, she never differentiates us except for color and height.

I looked at her and I was smiling. God, with this message, the Ummah must have found me. Let me go back and call her and thank her. Thank you very much

She laughed at him! Now let’s go so that Yaya doesn’t get tired of calling. As if he was listening, his call came in. She said to see him when she came out. I don’t know what he said to her, I just heard her say one minute! She pulled my hand and we left. I had to look through Anty Raheemah’s room and we said goodbye to her and Janan and I left.

Sabbin Fassarar Algaita

Bilal was sitting in his car, he put on leg out. D&G’s elegant black, open-toed leather shoe shines on the rising foot. I greeted him before I went around to the other side and entered the idler side. Janan looked at me and said, God bless me, while Yaya started the car and we left the house.

We were going in the car, no one said a word. Then the sound of the song “earned it” by the weekend was playing quietly. I was slowly following the song, you don’t really know unless you look closely at my mouth, where you can see it moving without a sound coming out.

My eyes are looking out of my side window looking at the inner city of Zaria. I keep feeling the signs of eyes on me, I know that I am only suspecting that in my mind. As soon as it was respected, I slowly turned around and looked at where Yaya Bilal was, his eyes were straight looking in front of him. I shook my head, I had to say that I was suspecting.

At the entrance of Bitmas Bakery, I saw him parking the car. He killed and got out of the car muttering “excuse me!”. If I didn’t turn around at the same time my eyes landed on his face, I saw his mouth move, I wouldn’t have heard what he said.

I took my phone out of my bag and checked to ease my loneliness.

Kuna Samun Wasu Sabbin Fassarar Indian Hausa ta

After about five minutes of taking it out, I heard a knock on the window of the car, on the side where I was sitting.

I raised my head and saw Umar standing on the side.

I smiled and lowered the glass, hey handsome, what are you doing here? He also smiled saying that we stopped to buy fruits but I was talking and then I saw you. From where? I said from their house, Jan Together and Yaya Bilal will drop me off at school.

He nodded uhmmn. Is he ready to go home? Are you going tomorrow? I said yes!

He was standing there talking, Yaya Bilal came back. I didn’t see him pass by until he opened the car and got in. I looked at Umar and I was smiling handsome. He nodded his head, OK, Sweety, shall we call? I bow down and pray to God. See you! He turned and left and he quickly turned around, hey, let me give you some fruit

I raised my mouth with the intention of saying thank you, Yaya Bilal interrupted me by giving me the car key. He looked at Umar and said thank you, we are in a hurry. As soon as he left the car, I could see Umar through the glass and he was shrugging his shoulders.

At the main gate, I looked at him and said, “Yaya, are you going to keep me here until I finish inside?”

He did not even show signs of hearing what I said, he even drove a fire truck and entered the school.

At the hostel, he got outside and parked the car. I started trying to open the door and thanked him Thank you, how are you greeting Anty Ameerah”




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