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Jikan Malam Take a Legal Action About the tiktokers by His Lawyers


Jikan Malam The Grandson of Malam is famous and famous that you know in Social Media. Something surprising is that his name is heard among modern people. He can say that almost everyone who is on Social Media, especially Tiktok and YouTube, knows this voice of Malam’s grandson, because of his funny jokes.

He was also told that he was surprised by the sound of his voice and his video. The way he preaches is that of Turmi, but wherever he goes, people flock to see him.

This is how it is said that yesterday we did not laugh in Tiktok video? Are there some people who use their voice to entertain the audience, and they are looking for money with the voice?

Don’t You Have Money?

The Master’s grandson explained that many people use his voice and video directly to earn dollars, but everyone who says they are giving him something, money or fake goods, this is not true. Because no one comes with anything.

Are They Asking Your Permission?

The teacher’s grandson replied that none of the thousands come to ask for instructions or use my voice or video. His

Should You Take Action?

Ehhh, I have never heard of it because most of my children and brothers and sisters and Muslim brothers and sisters, including Christians, are using it, but there are three lawyers who say they don’t have the right to exercise my rights. Subar the word, even though I know many people do not use my voice as it should.

Are they in the eyes of those who take and cut the voice of the foot?

Baby who ever comes to my house, I don’t testify with my face or body, but women and men all cut off my voice and video and get on top of my voice.

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