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Sad News: The Young Man who Where be Killed in Sokoto – Nigerian News

Despite the threat of death that was threatened, those who will bury the one who is accused of ‘slander’, but was his funeral done like this?


On this very Sunday, the social media of Radio and Modern published the story of the young man who was killed in Sokoto on the charge of slandering the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

And the authentic story has revealed that this incident happened because of the young man uttering a statement similar to Shaikh Abdulaziz Bauchi’s saying “Nobody is asking for help but Allah” which caused his life to be cut off immediately.

Saida and many people have said that there is a need to deny him his rights because he has been wronged and it is the place to avoid this happening in the future. Another group of people went on the view that the punishment given to him is correct because this is a mockery of the Supreme Being.

But this kind of issue of taking the law seriously, is not a strange thing that has become common in Sokoto. because of Koh Alokachin, the Shia people are being chased here in the town, and people are being killed illegally, saying that they are Shia people by means of torture, killing and others.

This past month, a report revealed how the people of Unguwa hacked a young man to pieces in Gwadabawa town thinking that he was the terrorist they were looking for and he was not.

Many scholars in the mosque called on the government to take action to avoid such incidents by taking the law into their own hands. We called on the Security Officers to punish the criminals in order to avoid this happening in the future, and we called on the Teachers to preach to the illiterates to see that this kind of thing does not happen again.

The late Usman Buda was prayed for at the Sheikh Ayuba Musa Lukuwa Mosque in Mabera, Sokoto state. Hundreds of people from different parts of the state prayed for his body.

News Report by: Ahmad Kabeer

Mujahid Saleh Saad – Son of Malik

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