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It was the sound of my alarm that woke me up from my sleep. Yesterday I fell asleep. I didn’t remove the headphones that I put on my ears. I don’t even know how I removed them. I put my hand under my phone and pulled out the phone.

I always forget to turn off the alarm that goes off for the morning prayer every time I break the prayer.

I turned off the alarm and went back to bed. Then at six o’clock my second alarm went off again. Then I got up and stood up and was waiting in line. Within an hour, I took a shower and prepared food.

Scene 02 There is no beauty that I stop to hide my face with, from oil, pink, and red, I don’t add anything. Only in rare cases, I wear jagira and kolli.

I pulled the table next to my bed and sat down to lie down. When I was done, I pulled on my white uniform and put it on.

It was a long white pants, and a shirt that reached to my knees, I tied a white potato on my head after I tied the long pieces of my hair and tied it with a ribbon, then I took a small white hijab and put it on my chest.

Scene 03 I took a light brown watch and tied it on her body. I saw that it was almost half past seven. I quickly took a wide scarf and wrapped it around my body. I took my purse, mobile phone and the book that I used to enter all the information I had learned on the day I went to the hospital, I quickly put my toms on my feet, I said goodbye to my partner and I went out to meet a runner.

I was coming, the bus that was taking us to Congo was coming so I followed the queue of people getting in, after paying for the bus.

A few minutes past eight o’clock I landed at my usual place. From there, I went to Gyallesu neighborhood, a small public health center to do my TP work. We start at eight o’clock and finish at one to two o’clock. Everyone knows how students like to be late, especially at such a time when you don’t know that no one will lock you in class or prevent you from attending.

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Scene 03 Even though I was late, I had to reach Janan. This right is not talked about when it is said that it is too late to lose my two sons.

We got up at half past eleven. She and I left the place tired and cold. There isn’t a day that you don’t go to this hospital and you don’t see something that will upset you.

That day, a pregnant woman was taken to the hospital. It has been three days since she was scanned and it was found that her fetus has died. Instead of inducing her, the husband picked her up and they went home. What’s even more annoying and disappointing is that her husband is a doctor, although I wouldn’t say he’s a real doctor because he owns a big shop that sells medicines.

Scene 05 Since she was in labor he did not take her to the hospital and called the midwife. Ana has been carrying and carrying until yesterday she was not able to give birth so this morning they dragged her to the hospital. They are talking about taking her to Shika, so that she can have surgery to remove the womb.

What a sad and frustrating experience. For her and young children who have not yet mastered their own senses.

Even when we went to where we were riding that’s what we were talking about me and Janan. She looked at me and changed her voice to begging, please sister come to our house. Come back in the evening.



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