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Indian Hausa Film Movie Release Date 2023 – DAN UWA KO DAN DABA

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Some Scenes in this film

Scene 01 When he entered the house, he said, “Here is Ni’imatullahi’s groom, he is near the battle, not from the front, or from the back, but a hero.” He was angry and didn’t follow their footsteps and went to the room saying that he was in the room, the living room, and she was saying, “Gani Gadanga, are you safe? You are safe from this call.” Her eyes showed no signs of stopping crying. I’m really the name of Shege, I have no father, aunty, please tell me about the illegal way you found. SHUT ME UP ALI. Goggo cut him off, she was panting, he was looking at her tears and she said, Get up and take me outside. Tadama was pointing to the door, Tsam was looking at his aunt and said, “Um, auntie. Come out and see me, I said, Ali. Tadafa was angry, he didn’t say anything, he stood up and looked at his aunt as if he was going to scold me, then he broke down. He just shook his head and left the room. He went to his room after closing the door. He felt like he was carrying the house on his shoulders because of the way a heart and a force came to me at the same time.

Scene 02 People were watching Tsuru and wiping her tears, Goggo kept saying that there is nothing to continue with the celebration. Clapping before she went back into the room Madina and Mardiyya looked at each other hoping that God will bless them. RAMATU and her daughter Shalelenta AZEEZA They looked at each other lovingly gossiping but there is no chance Ramatu broke her laughter and signaled to her daughter with her eyes, they were looking at the room with her aunt enter they are laughing less.

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