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Indian Hausa Film Movie Scenes

Talk of marriage seems to continue with all the rain, but it is not worth it, so I decided to marry the girl from the house of Known Mubarak Hasan, who is in Kaduna, her name is Hudaisa, and I asked you to marry her and she was granted. prepare to come to Kaduna next week so that you can greet him well” one time Ali Abbas felt sad, he was never able to say anything to them, he smiled and said

Thank God Abi, may Allah make Bless very grateful and generous, may Allah increase his dignity greatly.

Scene 02 It’s so good to see the pleasure of his interaction with Manga, a girl who has entered his soul, he is very sensitive to her, like a daughter he takes her, her parents also respect him and he sees their value as the value of a human being, it’s been about six months The family teaches the children and also gives the children of the house water, from time to time he goes to see the house and he does not go to buy and bring his representative, whenever he goes to go, Manga and she are separated, she hardly lets him go, sometimes she even hurts him. seeing that she is a woman and she is going to someone else’s house, this is the 4th time that he has gone to the house since he came home, he said that the day he went, he was a fool, and you did not include my husband.

Scene 03 Today there was a dispute about the trip, she had finished paying him a bill, her father came and told her that Inno was being patient with him, he seemed to be covering her up with a beating, the girl was growing up and eating the ground for twelve months. You are seven years old, but you don’t know where your pain is, all you can do is different from what Dad did, but he told her that he was going to leave for seven days, only two days later, and then she was patient and he left.

Looking at Innoh Baba, he said, “Where will this boy from Gadanga come back to marry Manga, I will give him, she doesn’t know what to do if there is no love between them in this relationship” looking at him, Innoh said.

“The bank went to school, sir, but they didn’t know any of Shiba’s family.

Scene 04 But why don’t you witness the behavior of the nobles, do you not see that even the big houses send him good things and send their children to teach them Islamic studies? Boy, how serious is the religion, where will Manga get something like that?” She kept silent because of Manga’s father’s behavior where he was upset, nothing could stop him, since he had a problem with his cousin fifteen years ago, even if Manga and her other siblings were born here, or the name of Niger, she does not know.

What is the preparation of the foreigner Huddy Maneou, who comes from Sokoto, the son of the Muslim king, Huddy is the head of Maneuver, it is being spread to Ammin to make things happen indirectly, she can’t stop laughing because it is God’s plan, and if God has blessed Hussain, she said that she will get married, it is inevitable, and with God’s grace, she will find a good husband and she will not be greedy for power.

Scene 06 She can beautify and decorate her huddy, she does not lie to anyone, her body is milky, she is wearing a play gown, her bottom is very open, on the top of her neck, we are decorating pink stones and beautiful pink flowers, she is coming. When she got home, she put on her make-up, she was covered with a pink veil, she was very beautiful.

This Fabulous Story in this Movie Indian Hausa


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