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Scene 03 They approached the commissioner to start the marriage ceremony, he called the commissioner aside and they did some bad things. Since the uncle saw this, he drank his own blood. The commissioner looked at Uncle Bala and said, “I am looking for the groom’s guardians to come closer to marry him. He looked at him confused with some thought. Uncle Bala moved forward and said, “Look, I don’t think you should ask, because even if I am looking for marriage from you, I am also looking for Aliyu. He also spread it directly.

Scene 07 He opened his mouth and said that he was the guardian of the groom. In general, the uncle felt his mouth dry, he said that he was not strong enough to swallow it, Aliyu who was on the other side did not hear anything, they were aware that the wedding ceremony was being held, the uncle looked at Mr. Lawal before he said yes, we told you that his father’s family did not care. that’s why we managed everything. The commissioner smiled before he said. His full name is yours, and you are the commissioner for the distribution of lbrai in Ajahar Kaduna, and how are you with Aliyu’s mother? Let alone Original.

Scene 04 Arazane’s uncle said, “Oh, your life is a kind of slander, it’s not like your father fell from the sky, don’t leave this slander, marry Auren, God bless him after the angama, then we will slander.” He said in a sign of appeal, you said to the commissioner, Sam said this is not possible, we will not give our daughter’s marriage to the beggar, as long as someone from his father’s character does not come, then the marriage will be broken and everyone will break up. Then he went outside with the noise of Kawu Bala’s team saying things. held Bala’s shoulder as a sign of persuasion.

Tips Study in New Updated Indian Hausa Africa
  1. Urinating behind the house.
  2. Wife sleeping next to the wall
  3. Keeping brooms behind the door.
  4. When you get rich, people say you have a secret bedroom where noone enters.
  5. When you become old you are suspected to be a witch.
  6. When you take a bath, they will ask you if you are going somewhere.
  7. Keeping some untensils aside specifically for visitors.
  8. Counting pieces of meat to ensure they are served equally.
  9. No natural death occurs in Africa.Your enemy is always the cause.
  10. Counting money after withdrawing from the ATM.
  11. Marrying a beautiful lady is equated to marrying a prostitute.
  12. Removing shoes when walking in the mud and entering the house.
  13. There are some special parts of the chicken meat that are reserved for the husband e.g gizzard.
  14. Buying new clothes when there is a festival.
  15. When one is given a microphone,they first blow air into it or tap it with a finger to test whether it is working despite the previous user having used the same microphone.
  16. Sweeping the whole compound even when some parts are not dirty.
  17. Looking left and right when crossing one way road.
  18. Keeping an empty plastic bottle after drinking the water for future use.
  19. Reserving a special chair in the house for the husband.
  20. Feeling proud when sitting next to a white person in a bus.

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