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Favorite Scene

He said the same thing to Innoh in front of me, we are friends and you are my teacher so it seems that you are not married my friends have boyfriends and they tell me about them but I don’t have a boyfriend. He himself said that we are in love, he looked at her and stood still, then he turned his head to one side and started talking slowly.

I don’t know what nonsense you are talking about, calm down and study, if you are a lawyer will you become one? Don’t listen to the talk of love in your mouth or any marriage now, no matter what you say you are talking about it. Baba Manga is the one who told me to come and tell me about the conversation they had with Innoh.

Scene 05  He didn’t want me to say it in front of me, it’s nothing, I just told you that I’m beautiful Nana Khadeejah, and she said we’re perfect for each other because you’re beautiful. How do I know that when I see us together he is silent because he understands that the girl he knows is confusing him with that he is not smart at all he has a lot of compassion for him because he takes care wherever he is with people it will be difficult because he is noisy It’s stupid, it’s not a secret at all! Ignore her and don’t even let her hear Innoh calling her.

It’s been seven days since Ali Abbas’s departure, one evening they went to pray at the mosque at the door of the house Ali Abbas kept digging in the house. It’s good, it’s good it’s not bad it’s Manga who looked at the gate because Manga’s father was in the mosque until he came out.

Scene 06 Hafsat when she turned around there was no darkness as if there was not enough light she saw him directly because the sun was in the crown, but the voice sounded like someone she knew she came and said, Who did you see? he smiled and said.

How are you Ali Abbas when did you say yes, why are you wearing a turban today? he smiled and said When Huddy came to call her, she looked at him and smiled.

I also met a new boyfriend his name he is at the mosque but he doesn’t come to talk will you say hello when you come out right? he said with a smile

Scene 07 She’s really a girl now and there’s a guy there, I heard that when I’m done walking, let’s say hello, now guys call Huddy, tell her I’m in a hurry” worried about the way she entered the room, she just greeted herself when she reached the room, no one greeted her except Ummi. Ke Mangan Inno, what are you doing here now.

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