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Hausa Translation of Algaita and Sultan, so that you can easily Read article it on your phone and computer without any hassle. After that, we promise you that there are some new translations Indian Hausa Film that have been translated from a week of data up to a year, you can have the opportunity to watch and download on your phone and computer.

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She is mine Bilqeess. May God bless you and all those who have done to my sister, I am asking God to give you what we prayed for when you are in dire need of prayer, may God care for you all and make the word martyrdom the last word. Let’s say Amen.

Huddy is not happy with the situation of ALI Abbas, she doesn’t take her hair or her digit, he doesn’t take it, she blames it on Manga, a girl who is a witch.

Gadanga stayed for a week and then came back home. He met Huddy’s father and they greeted him. He asked him why he left in such a hurry and he told him that his mother was not well. For him, there is no rafiya, he always goes to Zaria’s house to check.

On the part of Ali Abbas, he doesn’t know Huddy’s character, he takes care to be strict with the poor and he hates this aspect more than anything else. how will he make the choice of the parents he must marry her. No matter how hard he tried to fight Manga’s thoughts in his mind, he failed, all of a sudden, her stupidity did not interest him. The crown made him laugh, and she told him that I was going to school with a lunch box, as soon as he remembered how big she was and how she would take care of him going to school, he smiled. it’s a word, he smiles too.

He was sitting on a table in the parking lot of the police station. Manga ran and sat down next to him and said.

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