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INDIA HAUSA 2023 Film Hayaki by Sultan Film Factory

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After four months: They made candy, but they still don’t mind, it’s just a joke, right now one school is coming with them hussy, and since the day Baba Manga told about he is not even close, his mind calmed down and stopped looking for a solution in the future one. Today he was sitting on the same bench, he used to be Baba, he said goodbye, they greeted him respectfully

Gadanga, it’s the conversation about your marriage with Manga, and I already informed Alhj, I informed him that you chose to finish your studies completely, since she finished the conversation yesterday, I contacted you in class through your mouth, but Gadanga didn’t feel like it. “He is not in the world, he did not want Baba Manga to tell me what his house is, he lost what to say and he said.

Scene 03 keep quiet, he said My father is a little young, I still haven’t finished putting together my clothes, I haven’t prepared our place to stay in this city, since you see I am working here, it is not possible to go to the soba, he said.

I understand your concern but Alhaji said that you will stay here behind the house since you are only a young man who knows how to do business. It is forbidden to inform your parents. His chest heaved and he knew very well that his parents would never allow him to marry Manga, how can he approach them with this statement since it is their choice to keep it?

Scene 04 How big is the promise to take to Manga’s father? Where does he start to turn his head? He said that he was sitting. His father, I informed you that I am a Zaria man in the village of Soba, I don’t have any mother or father, all of them are dead, except for my father, I will call him to come with my uncle, but Friday is not too late, and Manga does not have the idea of ​​having a party. is it? As for the alms, I will pay myself if I am in the mood to do that, Baba Manga smiled and said.

Get rid of manga, my mind is not enough, and there is no innovation to be done, and your parents are worried if they don’t agree. thank you and then pass.

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