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Motive of Africans - Read This Write up Articles

Overview About Concerned

How is the population of native Africa Hausa speakers? Over eighty million. And twenty million more who use his language for business purposes. Then there are twenty million whose language has been suppressed by the Hausa language and is looking to disappear from the world. But even some people with a population of fifteen million people will make you fools.

Any praise that you know in the world is only mocked by a non-believer. But there is only one insult.


It is surprising that every tribe will come out and boast that he is a member of the chicken tribe. But in the Baha’i language, you will be insulted if he goes against his background. Wherever I go in the world if you ask me what race am I? What is my background. I will beat my chest and tell you.

I have inherited good in agriculture, business, calling, hunting, dancing, weaving, education, law, etc.

More than any tribe in Africa, out of every ten people you meet, three Africans are Bahausa. I come from a tribe that is the richest tribe in Africa, among the ten richest people in Africa, the first one is a Jew. And among the ten richest people in Nigeria, there are six people. Therefore, we have inherited wealth since the birth of the soap-maker’s mother.

Remembering Brenda Fassie, the Queen of African Pop whose music still lives on

Brenda was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1964, where she was raised by her mother after her father passed away when she was two. At a tender age, she started earning money by singing to tourists, while her mother, a pianist, played alongside. Brenda climbed her way to the top, beginning as the lead singer in a group called “Brenda and The Big Dudes”, and eventually branching off as a solo artist.

Brenda became well known for her “outrageousness” on stage and was sometimes referred to as the “Black Madonna”. Some of her greatest hits include “Vuli Ndlela” Black President “Nomakanjani?”, I’m sorry Mama and more. Most of her albums went on to become multi-platinum sellers in South Africa.

She died in 2004 at the age of 39 after losing consciousness at a hospital in South Africa.

Despite all the controversies surrounding her personal life, Brenda was a trailblazer in the African music industry. She was a musical genius who constantly reinvented herself and always gave fans around the world something special to look forward to. More importantly, she was a revolutionary who lent her voice to important social issues in her country and went on to inspire many people. Her impact on African music is undeniable and her work will continue to impact generations for years to come.


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