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How It’s Start from

She lay down on Rayhan’s chest as he told her, she was shedding tears until she started to wet the front of his shirt, you bastard, did you say it was Rayhan or those bastards who are coming and insisting that they love you?

And if you want to take care of those who come to your house, if you want to, don’t take care of them, this is your life, you are going to sleep, everyone gets married and leaves you to be a bag of money in the stupid house. Add two years to the future and you will be an old woman.

He took a step or two and went around to where her face was listing what an idiot if you call me a fat lion again I will deal with you stupid Kawai more than donkey’s

All the words of Ma’aruf Rayhan feel as if he is taking revenge on her, remembering Ma’aruf he took a deep breath so that he could turn his words into a big speech with his opponent.

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Full of extreme tension, Ma’aruf turned around and arrived at his parked car, he opened it and entered it, and Rayhan was inside the house, she was lying on the side of his body, apologizing until they entered their part. The way she was treated by Ma’aruf, he sat down with her and apologized and asked her what was wrong with her. , hair is the reason for stealing the cry of her life, she does not connect it with anything

Next One Meanwhile, Meenal Tashigo was crying and hugging Ummita in her room. When I told him not to do it, Ummita, don’t meet him with what he said, but you agreed. Look at the way your face turned and she ended the conversation by touching the place where he slapped her. is it?

She gave him the signs of her death and explained to him what had happened and what she had said to him.

Mama slowly opened her eyes and people were silent and didn’t speak. Why would she hear three slaps? After insulting her, he said, Rayhan, you left me with this girl. because you are so tired, you will get up and disappear to see me here, or I will give you another blow

Oh mom, God, you have to join me and don’t have a hand. Ummita got up, got up, went inside and listened to my everything. He talked to her right in her ear. She started walking and crying. Honestly, mom, you shouldn’t say that to her. It won’t make her feel like you hate her. That’s why. When he started to enter her life, what does he have to do with those who come and are not paid attention to, apart from being sad like him, he was told that she was too young to be looking for advertising with her?

uhm, that’s Rayhan, you’re acting as if you’re not an ummita

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