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Six years and more of Dad’s marriage, three years since we lost our freedom. We have lost and until today we have not been able to fill this void. Mom died in childbirth. The labor was supposed to be in her body when she was eight months and a few weeks old. At that time, she died before she could give birth to what was in her body. May God accept her soul. We cried a lot, only God knows the violence we went through at that time.

We are in the middle of accepting the consolation of Mom and we are in this state of grief, tension and heartache, it has been two days since my mother’s death, until then I feel the pain of her loss as if her hand had slipped out of mine, lifeless. Then Ramata came out of her room, she put on her clothes and put on a scarf and put perfume on it. She did not see anyone among those who received greetings and went to her younger sister’s party. Since they are all here in our neighborhood, there is a line between us, we can hear the sound of the music that they put on for the festival as if the clothes were placed in the middle of our house.

Even today, this woman who is moving has not greeted me on the death of my mother.

To this day, I feel the pain of it, unless I look at it.

She proved to me that a rival is not a small misfortune, and a rival, not a rich person, envy itself is not a pleasant thing. I started looking for a plan and jealousy like hers is useless in my opinion. I grew up with this thought.

Life is a privilege and thanks to God. After the greetings left, he went home and I left her because Yaya also went back to school because of exams and I couldn’t stay at home. So I packed my things and went back to Fatsu. I spent a long time with them, before I went home.

Before I got used to this new life it took me a while.

When I had a good life, the bath water was taken to the bathroom, the food came and I was told to eat, the school came and I was told to go, the school clothes were washed and wiped. But now all these have become ancient history. I went to look for food, and I was humiliated as if it was not my father’s house. When she brought it, her younger brothers went to the house and ate, and then the remaining inches would be given to me.

Every day I go to their house as a guest, to eat, every day. I told Baba that he was silent more than once, he didn’t even talk to her. I am also tired.

If I ask her to give me food and she refuses, I will go into her bedroom and pour my food. If Baba comes back, she will tell him, I will close my eyes and tell him not to do it, he doesn’t know what he will do to me.

Meanwhile, Yaya returned home. All of a sudden, she turned us into workers in the middle of these houses. Aliyu’s urine and urine and hers, and even my son Maryam, she would tell us to wash it, how is he doing the laundry, one day when he was finishing it, she would say that he did not do it again. When I asked him to give up on her, he said that we don’t have anything to do, it’s our mother’s position. Then I intervene and say that God protects. And don’t say that this is what stops her from insulting us, at least. That’s the only way she will insult us, one day she will even call Mama’s name to protect her from insults, in front of us.

When I saw that he pushed and refused to listen to me, I let him go through the application. I just hate it. Even if he goes back to school, if she even brings the laundry, I will run away from it one day, even though I will say that I will not do it. If your father is told to work, I am going to cut it off if my finger hurts or something. I just slipped on her legs like she slipped on me. Even though I was joking, I didn’t let her turn me around.

This is one of the main reasons why every time I pray, I raise my hands and ask God to protect me from the evil of the enemy. May God protect me from meeting her in the marriage house.

In this, Baba was given more honor and a change in work. From time to time, he has to change his job, but it’s not too far away. This time Katsina was defeated. So we started planning to move to Katsina. Yaya was in his last class in high school, so he was left there. As for me, when I was in the first grade, I was transferred to Ulul-Albab.

There is no way I will be left in front of them as a guest, Father refused. The day we were going to leave, we broke up. I was pushed into the car that Dad rented and took us to Katsina.

It took us a while to get used to the new city we went to. Especially in a city where there is no family of the Mother, let alone the Father and even friends, it is difficult to make new friends, but in that case we settled down and started to get along with them. Here, near where we returned, there is a Umm-Kulsum, also about years old, we started getting acquainted with her and her family members. I heard about her and she is in Ulul-Albab. Immediately a friendship developed between us. It turns out that I prefer to spend the day at their house instead of staying at our house, because if I stay at home, what will I do? It’s a shame that I use bad words, but you say that I am her rival and not her rival’s daughter.

You have to wait 30 seconds.

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When I got it, dad sent me the Islamic form that Kulsum used to go to, and we talked more about her.

They were finishing their rehearsal break and we left. Even though I didn’t have any visible items, I was happy with what he did, I didn’t despise him. God help me, I only missed one term, I concentrate on my studies, I have already passed the second grade.

We went home for a holiday, I sent my bride Alawiyya home. It surprised me, I didn’t even hear about the marriage, which according to what I was told, she had been in the house for about three months.

However, from whom will I hear the news? Since I was taken and kept at the school, I have not seen anyone. When I visit, I go to Inna – Kulsum’s mother, and then I see my family. Me and Dad, unless I need something, I borrow a teacher’s phone and call him and tell him. In that case, he had to take his time before sending what he was going to send, whether it was money or a need. One day he had to give them Inna to bring me kam.

I used to go to the bathroom and start crying, or I would jump on my bed and cry. It’s very annoying and frustrating, I don’t know why this is happening to me. You were sent to boarding school for months but you lost someone who would look after you even when you were playing? Is it the lack of a mother or the lack of family? Because I am sure that if I was a stranger in front of them, I would have been tired of seeing my family. That’s when I was biting and suppressing everything in my mind, until we went home for vacation.

The bride or should I say the widow Alawiyya entered with trembling head and head, but he did not go anywhere and went down. Because Ramata is not Lissa’s younger sister, sitting in front of them was like sitting with other rivals, they let me go. It is surprising to me that I did not arrest anyone but I am arrested? She also raised the window and gave me the window until the Ramata threw them in the trash can and then she went back to the Ramata.


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