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Indian Movie Scenes

I don’t know your name, Ali, and I’m wondering about you, so this is a banker, I was planning to talk to him when I saw him wearing a suit.” Zuhair was surprised by the sound of her voice. She didn’t care about anything.

what’s your name? she smiled and said My name is Hafsatu Manga, but everyone except the secondary school calls me Manga. When you see me, you just call me Manga, because my teacher only calls me Hafsatu in school.

“Well, teacher Gadanga mesa, what did I say to you, the officer?” she said with a smile on her face.

  1. Indian Hausa Film Movie 2023 From Sultan ARADU – N Hausa
  2. Matashi – Indian Hausa Movie 2023 – Dub by Sultan Film Factory

He’s different, everyone says Manga, except for Gadanga, anyone can say the name” they laughed and Huddy said she was sad, because she was someone who smelled good to her, but he heard how he followed Manga, a beautiful girl. it follows that. He stopped laughing and said

Scene Next Well, I am Hafsatu Manga, I will take care of everything. Ungo will come and receive the breakfast when you go to school. She watched him handing her money and then she said that she did not accept it.

I always give Innoh the money for my break, sometimes I go with my food, my friends laugh at me because I am older than Launch Box, I go everywhere with my body, and he said that greed is not good, it is good. stay where God has placed you, if you want this money, thank you very much, I will tell Baba if you come again, he will open the gate for you as soon as possible. As for the manga, they said goodbye and left the house until they went to the guest house and did not stop talking about Manga.

In the Manga part, they were passing by Huddy and she beat her and said to her, “Witch, you are a witch, I hate you when I see you next to them, you are a fairy girl, I hate these girls, why are you hiding and telling us men, what is the mother of Tsiya Lilis, but she herself turned inside the house. life is lost.

The next morning, ALI was knocking on the door of Manga’s house, she came running and screaming, when Huddy pressed her head and came out to meet them, but Huddyn didn’t start crying.

Hey, Ali, banker, come soon, I’m here to tell you, don’t say goodbye, yesterday I was at Aunty Huddy’s place and she said it’s nothing to do with you, don’t say goodbye, what I said to him is that he’s not good , I will see you tomorrow, I won’t greet you, I don’t know about my health.

“Don’t stop talking nonsense here, don’t you? She started crying and turned around to run, while Ali felt that he was very sad.

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