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Father and His Daughter Learn Life | Your mind has cooked up all negative stories


A father sent his little daughter to spend the holidays with family members. When the girl returned home, he asked her. So tell me honestly, did you enjoy your holidays?”

She responded. Everyone was nice to me apart from Aunty Nancy. She seems too harsh and I have a feeling that she hates me”

He asked. Why? What makes you think so? The little girl replied.

“Firstly, she doesn’t respond to my greetings no matter how many times I greet her. Secondly, there was a day I helped her find her missing watch but she didn’t even say ‘thank you’. And thirdly, she never interacted with me like others did, and has never spoken to me before. She’s so unbelievable”

The father remarked. Really? So, what is her reaction when you greet her? The girl uttered. She would pretend not to notice me The father paused for a moment and said.

I think you’re right. Nancy is truly a bad Aunty, and I think she really hates you. So, henceforth, you would try as much as possible to avoid her

Just then, the father let out a chuckle that surprised her. He touched her arm, and with a smile on his face, he said.

“That was the voice of your mind speaking. Your mind has cooked up all negative stories about your Aunty, making it difficult to realize that she is deaf and dumb. Aunty Nancy is unable to hear or speak, so all your assumptions about her are wrong. That’s how our minds are. The mind can be a very convincing liar. It simply makes up stuffs. With little or no evidence, it creates negative stories about the world and ourselves. So you shouldn’t believe everything you think. And most importantly, if you can win over your mind forever, you can achieve anything in your life”.

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