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DUNGU Sabuwar Fassarar Sultan – Indian Hausa 2023

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The way her voice sounded in the evening made him laugh as she left the room on the first floor.

The building of their house in a neighborhood in Katsina, it is a long building made of concrete and not even a nail rarely pierces it, and the whole of it is three floors, from the entrance of the gingimemen gate on the wall of Zungereria around the house, wide. It is a complex that will host family celebrations, there are large parking garages and flower plantations around the entire field.

From there, the body of the house is a long balcony along the length of the room where there are six rooms in a row for their brothers, and in the middle of them is a big door that goes inside to their father’s side on the right, where it connects to the big living room. his guests and two rooms inside and a bathroom, the other side is the kitchen of the house which itself has two exteriors, and the part that is fixed with storage doors, then the place where the pile of wood and the big ones are stored cooking pots.

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After him, there is nothing on the ground except for two large barns, where agricultural products are stored, a wide staircase is taken from the middle of the big courtyard of the house and it is divided to the left and right because each part is surrounded by the rooms of their father’s wives. ! where each one has a living room and two large rooms each with a bathroom inside, except for their mother’s mother who also has a big living room but only one room and a bathroom.

The second and last floor is a wide balcony where the best place is in the house, it is surrounded by a building, for example, if a person does not stand still, he will not be able to find the ground. soup and sitting in the air as there are colorful chairs including some potted flowers. And from here you can see all around the neighborhood with only a few houses, many of which are empty, some of them are not even finished.

In the caftan of their father’s children, Nanne is the seventeenth, and there are two women, the children of aunty’s bride, growing up below her.

The first wife of the father, Hajiya Nasiba, also known as Hajiya, is the daughter of his master in Katsina, as their father is from Niger and came to Katsina. She has six children, Ahmad, Nasir, Muhammad, Ishaq, Farida and Aisha. Four men, two women, and her children are the eldest in the house, because Ahmad and Farida are married, leaving three men and one woman, Aisha.

Then Mama Rabi, who is also his sister, he married from Niger, she has four children, Ibrahim, Sulaiman, Umar and her one wife, Jamila. She also married her eldest son Ibrahim. Then Mama Halime, who is also a Nigerian but not his sister, her four children are all women, Khadija, Maryam, Nafisa, and Zainab. Only Khadija got married among them.

Aunty Amarya has five children as her first birth is twins boys, Salim and Suraj, and they are followed by Sadiq, Safiya and Surrayya.

Among all the father’s children, she is the only one who does not have a mother in the house, her mother is a Palestinian woman and she lives there with her brothers. He went to attend a meeting of Nigerian farmers that had been going on for about a week, he saw her mother in one of the scrubbers where they spent the night.


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At first his friends started teasing him by saying that he should go home with Adamawa’s shoes since they saw him asking her something, and then the conversation turned serious where they did not leave Adamawa until they went to their house and it was confirmed to them. she was given to him, here they also hear that she is a widow who has been married with two children.

Even when he came back, he informed his mother, she didn’t stop him except his wives who showed their dislike for it, the mother’s mind was more than anyone else’s because at that time she was going around following her relatives, she apologized and returned to her dignity. her brothers.


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