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 He smiled and bit her lower lip, he knew how his love had an effect on her heart, she could not bear looking at his eyes for a long time, her voice was very calm “am missing you habibi do you also miss me?” she said in her voice Weakness as if it will enter his body. Ma’aruf’s body is already dead and his condition has started to change.

 He leaned back and leaned his body against the chair he was sitting on and let out a breath. It’s better than you when she talks to him again like someone who is going to be taken away, hearing the wealth of her husband makes everything start to take away his breath and he can barely breathe out. Who is the woman he needs to shut up in his house, it’s not a joke, he knows her quarrelsome nature, she can’t stand their closeness, many times she controls if not already the place has been passed, he straightens up with her and stops her on her feet “he should Do you want me to come to your place?

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His hand was holding hers and she was twisting eat something for us before that. The words were entering his body againI don’t need to eat anything, Suhaima I don’t want to be jealous or hungry. don’t delete this talk let’s do what brought me, don’t you know that no one eats anything, I will do it.

Let’s go, she said in her killer voice.

One or two steps away, he pulled out his hand that was in hers, and she said nothing, that’s why he is afraid of her today.

She went directly to the parlor of her father, Alhaji Muhammadu Canji, and they entered together, she was lying as if she was going to leave, right at the door of the parlour, he pulled up and stopped. come out “bismillah habibi said slowly full of coldness because of the way he was looking at her,

Slowly he placed himself in the parlor that was decorated with the luxury of the world, there was nothing inside him, and there was nothing in the parlor except the smell of my room freshener mixed with the cold AC, he ended up in front of her father with bowing his head slightly bowed to the ground “Abba Barka da warhaka?

Suhaima’s father stared at him for a while and looked at him, then he answered by giving him his hand, but Ma’aruf refused to give him his hand but continued to bow down, what impressed Suhaima’s father more was that this was the first time he made the boy. in his eyes, but at one time he felt his mind go away, there is calmness and intelligence in the child’s mother’s parent’s upbringing, wherever he goes he gets a good education, the kind of person who needs to be surrounded by his children as a whole, he does not see the flaws of people Don’t bring him on the child even though you don’t know the character of the person on his face..

After they greeted each other, Suhaima’s father ordered Ma’aruf to get up and go back to the chair, trying to straighten Suhaima. send me your message because since you first came to her house I couldn’t calm down and feel sad and worried about you and her.

Because of the conversations I get from different people about you who think that you are not going to marry her, it’s just a lie, so I want to know What brings you to Suhaima, asking for Suhaima’s marriage or vice versa?

Ma’aruf smiled a little and listened to everything. I really love Suhaima. I want her to be married and I don’t have anything in mind for her except the best. I love Suhaima and I want her to be the mother of my children. I personally want adults to come into the discussion, but until now I am asking for favors when I start work, inshallah I will send my elders.


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