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Latest News: Genesis Market (dark web) Has Been Taken down Officially


The police in different countries of the world have done a great joint work to destroy the biggest market of the internet site where criminals are trafficked called GENESIS MARKET

The Al-Shabaab group said its fighters killed three employees working in the financial sector of Somalia

How the elected members of the House of Representatives from the opposition parties began to form alliances to take over the leadership of the House of Representatives (join themselves)

The DSS has given more information on the UN vehicles that have been seen in Nigeria.

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Zulaihat Abubakar by BBC HAUSA by Ruwaito That one of the biggest crime markets on the internet has been destroyed as part of a fight against criminals using science and technology, the market called GENESIS MARKET is famous for selling passwords and all security software. In public banks, which gives internet criminals access to money and bank deposits, the police have managed to arrest at least 120 people in Australia, America, Canada, Europe and Britain.

The FBI, who worked with the security forces of the Netherlands, joined forces to carry out a raid and raid the city of Holland, despite the fact that the people who owned this bad news managed to steal their important documents. contains information on more than two million people in the world.

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