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A Short Moral Story | I just need to earn money so I can get back to school


A Short Moral Story. There was a poor boy who hawked flowers on the highway. One day, an old man stopped him and said.

Why do you hawk flowers on such a busy and dangerous road? The boy responded. My family is poor and can’t afford my school expenses

The old man said. But you’re doing it wrong little boy. You take so much risk by running through the main road. Do you know that you could get hit by a vehicle?

The boy whispered. “I just need to earn money so I can get back to school” The old man snapped.

But your life is more important than education. So many people did not attend school but ended up becoming great people. Are you going to die all because you want to be educated? Now listen, if you get hit by a car, you’re going to die, and if you die, there would be no education for you. Do you understand me?

Then the old man added. “Education is not the key to success. Don’t risk your life for it”

The poor boy pondered over the old man’s words as he watched him walk away. For many days, he thought and thought until he vowed to himself never to sell flowers again.

Fifteen years later, the poor boy had grown into a young man and was poorer without any source of income. One day, he met an old man and pleaded.

“Excuse me sir, can you spare some change?”

The old man stormed. “Urgh! Why didn’t you study to become useful for yourself?”

The young man replied. “My parents were poor and couldn’t send me to school”

The old man blurted out. “Don’t blame your parents. So many people worked really hard and risked their lives as kids to pay their school expenses, because they knew the importance of education. But you did nothing, so it’s all your fault!”

The young man felt hurt and down casted by the old man’s words. And even more when he realized he was the same old man he met ten years ago.

How often do you listen to people who try to discourage you from doing the things you want to do? How often do you let the opinions of others consume you? Do you know that the people who discourage you from chasing your dream, are the same people who will blame you for not reaching your dream? They are quick to judge your job, but won’t help you when you’re broke. Take control of your destiny. Believe in yourself. Ignore those who try to discourage you. You decide who you want to become and other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter.

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